Previous Award Winners 2007

Gilbert Chinard  Research Fellowships

Bethany S. Keenan
Department of History
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
“Vietnam is Fighting for Us: French National Identity and the U.S.- Vietnam War, 1965-1973”
Jeannette E. Miller
Department of French & Francophone Studies
Pennsylvania State University
“The French State’s Policies toward the Harkis from the End of the Algerian War to the Present: Shifts, Stagnations, and Contradictions”

Edouard Morot-Sir Research Fellowship in Literature

Cecile Alduy
Department of French and Italian
Stanford University
“Collecting Body Parts: A Critical Edition and Interpretive Study of the Blasons anatomiques du corps féminin (1536-1554)”

Harmon Chadbourn Rorison Fellowship

Leanne M. Zalewski
Department of Art History
City University of New York
“Crossing the Atlantic: The Careers of Bouguereau, Cabanel, Gérôme and Meissonier in Paris and New York”

Edouard Morot-Sir Pedagogical Prize

Sally Sieloff Magnan
University of Wisconsin – Madison.
“Enjeux et défis de l’enseignement du français langue étrangère en France et aux Etats-Unis” in the FRENCH REVIEW  Vol 80, No. 2, December 2006

Gilbert Chinard Book Prize (with the Society for French Historical Studies)

John D. Garrigus
Department of History
University of Texas – Arlington.
“Before Haiti: Race and Citizenship in French Saint-Domingue,”  Palgrave McMillan, 2006.